Pneumatics symbol library 2020 TurboCAD

99,80  74,80  incl. TVA

Circuit symbols pneumatics, vacuum technology, fluid technology, hydraulics

as TCW and DXF according to DIN ISO 1219-1

more than 480 pneumatic blocks to download

adapted to TurboCAD 2D and 3D – all blocks saved in .TCW format.



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Pneumatic circuit symbol for TurboCAD according to DIN ISO 1219-1

  • more than 480 blocks and symbols
  • Pneumatics, vacuum technology, hydraulics, fluid technology
  • according to DIN ISO 1219-1
  • adapted to TurboCAD 2D and 3D – all blocks saved in .TCW format.
  • in the formats TCW and DXF
  • Compatible with all common CAD systems TURBOCAD, AutoCAD, BricsCAD, DraftSight, etc.
  • consisting of several files, sorted by function
  • Symbols saved separately as blocks in TWC and DXF
  • Application examples
  • File size 18MB

You can find a preview of the symbol library as a PDF here:

Pneumatik-00-Übersicht.pdf (143 downloads)

Pneumatik-01-Luftaufbereitung.pdf (70 downloads)

Pneumatik-02-Wegeventile.pdf (75 downloads)

Pneumatik-03-Wegeventile.pdf (57 downloads)

Pneumatik-04-Wegeventile.pdf (58 downloads)

Pneumatik-05-Druckventile.pdf (56 downloads)

Pneumatik-06-Stromventile.pdf (51 downloads)

Pneumatik-07-Zylinder-Motoren.pdf (49 downloads)

Pneumatik-08-Zylinder.pdf (58 downloads)

Pneumatik-09-Zylinder.pdf (48 downloads)

Pneumatik-10-Grundsymbole.pdf (63 downloads)

Pneumatik-11-Vakuum.pdf (50 downloads)

Pneumatik-12-Ventilinseln.pdf (51 downloads)

Pneumatik-13-Beispiel.pdf (59 downloads)

Pneumatik-14-Beispiel.pdf (46 downloads)

Pneumatik-15-Beispiel.pdf (56 downloads)

Pneumatik-16-Hydraulik.pdf (69 downloads)

Pneumatik-17-Hydraulik-Beispiele.pdf (60 downloads)