Electrical symbol library for TurboCAD

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Symbols of electrical engineering, electronics, electrical installation and automation technology for download

Over 450 circuit symbols based on current standards

adapted to TurboCAD 2D and 3D

Symbols are saved as blocks in TCW and DXF format

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TCW and DXF symbols of electrical engineering automation technology electronics

  • Circuit symbols for electrical engineering, electronics and automation technology
  • adapted to TurboCAD 2D and 3D – all blocks saved in .TCW format
  • more than 450 symbols / blocks based on current standards
  • in the formats TCW and DXF
  • compatible with other common CAD systems, including AutoCad, Draftsight, FREECAD
  • consisting of several files, sorted by function
  • Application examples

A preview of the symbol library can be found here:

Elektrosymbole-00-Übersicht.pdf (6558 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-01-Grundsymbole.pdf (3881 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-02-Schaltelemente.pdf (2571 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-03-Motor-Lampen.pdf (1631 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-04-Spannungsquellen.pdf (1323 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-05-Messgeräte-Akustik.pdf (968 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-06-Halbleiter.pdf (896 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-07-Dioden.pdf (914 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-08-Kondensatoren.pdf (971 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-09-Transistoren.pdf (903 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-10-IC.pdf (1077 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-11-Sensoren.pdf (1183 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-2016-12-Relais.pdf (1105 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-13-Steckverbindungen.pdf (1268 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-14-Binäre-Elemente.pdf (1053 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-15-Beispielschaltung.pdf (1046 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-16-Logische-Grundelemente.pdf (994 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-17-Stromversorgung.pdf (1338 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-18-Installation-1.pdf (3255 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-19-Installation-2.pdf (2568 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-20-Installation-3.pdf (2636 downloads)

Elektrosymbole-21-Installation-4.pdf (2098 downloads)